What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing of those terms that's shrouded in confusion and seems to means something different to everyone. It's also been made seem way more complicated than it actually is which is a shame really as it really straight and forward and that way I explain it.

What exactly digital marketing is and how does all its work. Digital marketing is simply marketing using digital tools and marketing nothing more than communicating value to your customers so digital marketing is communicating value to your customers using digital tools that's it.

So now that we've got that covered the real question is what digital marketing tools are available and how do they differ from the traditional market.

The first thing to do is to understand the difference between the traditional market and the digital market. traditional marketing relies on the tools like newspaper, radio, TV, magazines, Billboard, direct mail and print relies.

Digital marketing on the other hand tools search engine marketing, social media, content marketing,like blogging, article's or video creation ,email marketing and pay per click advertising.

When you're talking about traditional market versus digital market you're talking about the tools more than the strategy behind them and more accurately you're talking about which form of media.

You're going to use to communicate your message on a traditional market or digital market. so does traditional market work absolutely when done well and strategically designed and executed on traditional marketing can still provide good results by 10 .

This is a pretty big but when compared to digital marketing more often then not traditional simply doesn't have a chance it's because digital marketing on average is more cost efficent and effective and allows you to measure ,monitor, analyze,and test and a much better and much faster rate the key to maximizing your marketing budget and results is to first liverage all available digital option and then start to looking alternative traditional opportunities.

Digital marketing tools .

Facebook insights

Linked In : is Facebook for professional people .

Instagram : it is platform where you share stories and photos.

Twitter : is not only for politicians . you can also use this as a marketing tool.

Youtube studio

Google addsense.

Google adword.


Taboola.com : is used for native advertisement.

MailChimp : is used for email marketing.

Digital marketing tools
Digital marketing tools

Digital marketing