Farmer's protests in india and what happen next.

Farmer's protests in india.and what happens next . Whenever difficult situations arise inside India. Or they feel that the criticism is growing too much, then he worsens the situation with Pakistan. From this they gain that they take away the media and their people, and they turn away. It is very difficult in India at the moment. At present, the farmers have started a protest movement. Millions of tractors, countless transports and unions have lined up with farmers. Protests continue across India and the Indian government is being forced to comply. The number of Sikhs in these protests is high and now they are chanting the slogan of Khalistan. Because most farmers are Sikhs they want a separate nation called khalistan. According to some media reports, there is a risk of surgical stroke. Now there is pressure on India again which they can do a surgical strike to hide the fact. First the definition of surgical strike . A surgical strike which is intended to damage only a legitimate military target with no or minimal collateral damage to surrounding structure , vehicles , building, or the general public infrastructure and utilities . The matter is surgical strike done on military targets and public area's.