Today I'm gonna tell you about. the two major things that change life . Number one, that was is youtube and the affiliate marketing. And the combination of those two things will what eventually allowed me to build up a life on our term's band to create side income or passive income and eventually a six figure and multiple six figure income. Just from affiliate marketing.

what I wanna talk about today and the way all it started I just wanna learning that you can get affiliate links of amazon about anything any they sell everything on amazon and then youtube also a search engine.

so people are looking for stuff, if people we're going maybe it was like a wife or a sister or some female in somebody's life or male that was looking for a gift ideas for anybody for a guy that they would type that in youtube and they could find that video and then in the video , I just want my house and I was like, I'm a guy , I got some stuff. So I grabbed some books and I grabbed some headphones and some other stuff and essentially, I just shot a video sitting on my couch, and put some affiliate link in the description

and just said that , hey everything, I'm talking about I just the link of that stuff in description and then they click on that link and buy stuff and I get profit from that affiliate link and also I monetize my youtube channel so I also get paid from YouTube partnership program.

The second way is through freelancing there are many freelance market places. You just need to sigup create a account verify your account and then publish your gig according to your skill and wait the client see your account and if the service that the client want it's in gigs description then he contact you and tell you Requirement to that service and the price . After that you can do that work after work you can give that project to your client and he pays you through that site and if you don't know about freelancing, seo, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing just check my recent posts.