Blogs are becoming very popular in the internet as a great marketing and money making tools . Blog continue to grow more in popularity both with the internet and the user community and with the Search Engine google loves blogs this statement is 100% true .

If you see the importance given by google to blogs in their search engine rankings content is king of any internet website. Which is also true with blog when creating a blog please make sure that you are written it with an informative style since most of the internet users lands up in your blog by searching in a search engine with an information seeking intention in their mind after you have added quality content to your blog .

You must be curious about to known about the way to generate income from your blog . There are many ways to monetize your blog but in my experience. It is always best to stick to the proven and profitable methods of generating income from blogs. I will explain these two methods in detail in the following .

One affiliate program you have to choose affiliate program that are contextually matching to your blog . Content then you have to include your affiliate link in your blog content in a contextual manner for example if your blog content is about health.

You can include the affiliate link of click bank information product. Which talk about health and care by the way what is click bank is the leading retailer of digital products about almost all the subjects in this world.
Two google AdSense when you want to generate income from your blog it will be profitable to place google AdSense add on your blog . Google AdSense is a program which will include contextually matching adds to your content and also they will pay you money. if the user of your blog click on these ads users. On these adds users don't need to buy anything. They just have to make a click this will get you from a few cents to a few dollars per month and you make hundreds of dollar per month. And there is a third way to make money online from your blog . Which is nothing but selling your own information products . Once you start writing the blog you will gain more experience in writing later you can use your writing skill to sell your products in your blogs . Itself start building quality content in your blog and combine it with affiliate programs and in google AdSense.