Making money from instagram.

So I'm gonna start with my favorite one and my opinion, the easiest method and then move on to the other one that need a little bit more experience.

The first and easiest method on instagram is growing a theme account and then start selling shoutouts .A shoutout is basically and the term for a promotion. Someone pay you to post on your Instagram account.

People buy shoutouts for many different reasons. most of them just want to promote their products on your instagram account for your followers. However some of them just want to post on your account so they can get more exposure to grow their own instagram account.

most people use Dms to contact you, agree in price and schedule everything there but there are also other way like listing your account on website like shoutcart or plughype so they can contact you there and also pay you through that platform.

Selling shoutouts is in my opinion the easiest way to make money. because there isn't really much skill required. They contact you, you tell them the price then they send you payment and the post and then you post it , Done . The hardest part oh this first is actually growing the audience unless you already own one or multiple instagram Accounts with thousand of followers .

It's going to take time to build up that followers account. So you can actually start to sell shoutouts. In my experience, you start to get shoutouts requests at around 10k followers.

What I basically do I grow the initial 10k followers using follow-unfollow method and then transition to a method where I just post viral content a couple of times a day so I grow via the explore page, hashtags, and so on . I automate all of this . So I can set it up once and then I don't have to touch it again and I can grow hundreds of accounts the same time personally, I started selling shoutouts for like 15 dollars on one of my three pages that I started out with that had like 10k followers.

That already added up to a couple of hundred dollar per month. Which I was pretty happy with in the beginning then as the following grew, I could ask more for a single post and then eventually I made between 3000 dollar per month. Just by selling shoutouts on these three accounts. These three accounts all of them were theme account in the travel niche. Now about three months ago I decided to sell them at responsible price. So I have more time to focus on other projects. So let's move on the other one the second you can make money from instagram through flipping instagram accounts. This means that you can buy existing account at a relatively price and sell that account on high price . The difference in price will be you profit. the reason why people sell there account because they get rid of an account fast because it takes them up a lot of time to keep it going.