Now we tell about massive expose in which Europe institution about Indian . India propaganda  against Pakistan 15years of campaign against Pakistan . The institute that make report on it this institute name is EU disinfo lab . Last year they also told about some of Indian websites how they these website against pakistan but this time finally clear that these are true information and told us what kind tactics has been used in this propoganda.  This is very interesting case study how to do modern warfare and disinfo.

In this digital age we have to know about it . This info in published by BBC and also write about it . Hybrid warfare and disinfo warfare it is a classic example. This all start in 2005 and the main reason is to defame neighbour country in which includes China, Nepal, Bangladesh but the main priority is pakistan anti Pakistan. European union called this indian chronicles.

In which they tell about how the propaganda use against pakistan and still this propaganda not stop this is alarming news that after this massive expose India don't stop this propaganda. This whole network is founded by indian  srivastava group .

This whole network includes 750 fake media outlet been used and 550 websites used in 116 countries and distributed and the primary object is to defame Pakistan in front of world and to promote nationalism . If we talk more about Geneva is known for human right and European union parliament was active there and united nations. And the fake visit of Kashmir and what they will do that they will start intense kind of campaign against Pakistan.

Then there are some fake NGOs whose meetings are called.on which they produce anti pakistan proganda and then they disturb to there fake media outlets in which indian popular news outlet Ani also include.