What is libra coin ?

Facebook crypto currency known by libra . Libra is a crypto currency project pioneer by Facebook that is presumed to launch in 2021 . it's perpose is to connect billion people living together in planet through one digital currency.

As the world moves in a cash less digital only economy. The libra digital aoms to help people that don't have any access to the bank system to participate in the digital economy . Libra is designed to work like a stable coin a crypto currency relatively some value against the real world currency unlike bitcoin or ethereum .

Libra value helps low volatility due to a reserve of currency and assets. Facebook also set up Calibra to develop for the libra wallet. Calibra is set to work independent wallet for libra also integrate with other services such as Facebook and WhatsApp allowing billions of views which send funds to each other with a single tab or low fees.

Calibra wallet is still in development but according to its site, you have to identify through government ID in order to sign up. The wallet also allows you to purchase labor in exchange for currency while some major companies around the world are it such as Uber, Spotify, Vodafone these companies will be part of the libra association and will manage to develop libra currency and it's a network.

Libra is set out as a centralized currency after five years it will be decentralized just like bitcoin in its initial stages the libra coin project it's is managed and controlled by the libra association and nonprofit organization.