Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing

How you utilize them, even if you're an absolute beginner, even if you are broke . These different income streams that you're about to discover, I'm going to be tell you exactly. How we did it in fact , some of these income streams that you're about to discover our income streams that literally has done us millions of dollars. I'm going to tell exactly how it's all possible .

Affiliate marketing.

The no 1 is affiliate marketing but the key focus is reccuring ultimately. What you're about to discover, first of all , what if there are softwares and subscriptions and membership sites that will actually pay you every single month , as long as this person that you referred continues being a member and guess what ? In your online world it's actually pay you every single month, as long as they continue being a member so you first option to build up a passive income is to first build up and promote products .

That is recurring in nature . The key here to understand is because you are promoting something that recurring. The reason why it's passive is because you don't need to have to make these new sales every single month.

So if the goal here is to make 1,000 dollar which I believe is extremely realistic and that means if you promote a product that say pay you 50 dollar a month in total , you need to have 20 active members. That means if you promote a product as long as this person continues being a member, that's how you build 1,000 dollar income stream. Recurring as affiliate which means I didn't call this software. I didn't think about the idea about doing customer support, I'm really not doing the marketing of it . I'm just referring people that utilize this software and a result of that, this company pays me a single month and promote on product that you actually use and what if you can do the same for your market and for your industry.