What is e-commerce ? E-commerce is quite simply the purchases of and/or services by the internet to date over 40% of all internet users have made an online purchase spending almost 1-5 trillion dollars a year in e-commerce is split into four categories business to consumer b2c is what most people think when they hear e-commerce remember.

when you bought that a new t-shirt about google from Amazon that was you participating in b2c. e-commerce consumer to consumer c2c is when goods between consumer through internet market places or online classified ads ebay and Gumtree are prime examples.

Consume it to bussiness c2b involves you as a consumer providing a product or service to an organization for example a blogger may review a certain product for a bussiness and repealing goods or direct payments bussiness to bussiness b2b.

where business is conduct between two companies a good example of this market is both pea soup digital offers a range of services and sells these services to other bussiness marketing made clear pea soup digital.E-commerce to refer to selling product online but honestly it means anything selling anything online.

these days e-commerce is a massive field and hundreds of thousands of stores selling products to millions and billions of people.

It is an absolutely blooming industry especially in 2020 and beyond and it growing bigger and bigger every year . If you haven't heard of it you really should pretty soon and it's a massive part of live that isn't going away and time soon. Well how can be in e-commerce. You could be a buyer or a seller. You can buy products from e-commerce stores . I do this all the time you buy can groceries any products you want go on amazon stuff like that you can also setup your own e-commerce stores. it's a lot easier then selling up a physical stall in a mall or shopping center or something like that you just need a website or a product that's it.