Youtube ads 2021

Where a person utilize youtube ads but ultimately this would be the second income stream that can help you make $1,000 a month.

First income stream method.

Earning from youtube Ads.

Now to make $1,000 a month through youtube ads is not about the amount of subscriber that you have, but it is based upon your views. It's all about retention. It is about time watched cause youtube is goal ultimately is to keep someone on their platform for all eternity.

If you can help them do that , that is when they run ads , that's when they can take money from advertise and do a profit share with you . It just comes down to what is your CPM ?

Your CPM will depend largely based on the niche you're in and you let's say you talk about toy reviews and you are gathering to a you younger crowd and to this kids crowd so usually if you are in a market place like that, the CPM is usually less and the reason for that is because you're targeting a crowd that might not have necessarily have much and therefore your CPM lower .

So your CPM for like a kiddie market or a market that may not necessarily have money, might be on the lower $1 CPM.However , anything to do with money or real estate or investing then that can be like up to $10. If your CPM is about approximately $3 a video that has got 1 million views, you would make about $3,000.

So that means if you wanted to make about $3,000 a month it would be approximately 333,000 views.I'm going to not just give up the different Ideas and concepts and ask you to choose one and implement one but I wana walk you through how we've been doing it and you can do it as well understand that wanna create videos on youtube , that is keywords- rich , meaning to say these are based upon that the things that people are doing searches on google, so that it's optimized based on keywords that people are doing such as on google recommend your video as the youtube video. When people do that google search so the way you get more view cult , is to start free videos. You can get better traffic on your videos by making ones that are optimized for search engine that is discoverable . Now because it's going to be based upon search and something that keyword-rich , guess what ! This video is going to be online , evergreen for really long time and that is how I started building this assests that snowballs overtime when I've got many of these videos working simultaneously for me.