Houston offshore accident Lawyer-(2023):

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houston offshore accident lawyer

houston offshore accident lawyer-(2023):

Some of the most dangerous working situations are found on offshore platforms, rigs, ships, tankers, boats, barges, and other vessels. Offshore mishaps happen all too frequently in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Houston, despite safety precautions.

If you were hurt in an offshore accident, you should get compensation from those at fault or legally liable for your injuries. Due to your injuries, you should be given the financial support you require. That all with the help of houston offshore accident lawyer-(2023).

Below is detail discussion regarding offshore accidents

What are the common types of offshore accidents?

It's risky to work for an oil firm. The risks associated with working with heavy machinery, combustible liquids and gas, and hazardous chemicals are present for offshore oil and gas workers. Strict regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) make an effort to lower the high rate at which offshore workers are exposed to hazardous situations.

Working on offshore installations and ships may sometimes be quite risky. Typical offshore mishaps in the Gulf of Mexico and close to Houston include:

Offshore oil rig accidents:- Offshore oil rigs can turn into very hazardous locations where personnel may get trapped with little to no chance of escape due to accidents involving machinery and equipment, fires, explosions, or chemical spills.

Accidents involving offshore drilling: Offshore drilling is regarded as one of the most hazardous American industry. Many Houston-based offshore drilling businesses might not give safety the priority it needs to guarantee that its employees are safe while operating on an offshore rig.

Fires and explosions: Two of the worst kinds of offshore mishaps are fires and explosions. They could be brought on by faulty machinery, inappropriate fuel or combustible material storage, or ship accidents.

Failure of the equipment: Workers are extremely at risk of being burnt, electrocuted, or otherwise maimed by defective or broken equipment.( houston offshore accident lawyer-(2023))

Falls from heights: Workers often reach high, exposed areas on offshore rigs and vessels. Workers run a serious danger of harm from falls from considerable heights in bad weather and without the right safety gear.

Dropped objects: When heavy objects or materials are dropped or fall on an offshore worker, especially when they are hanging from a height, they can cause head trauma and crush injuries.

Crushed by equipment: Workers who become trapped in equipment or who are run over by forklifts or boats may sustain crush injuries.

Exposure to harmful chemicals: Many dangerous chemicals and compounds are stored on offshore rigs and vessels, especially those used in the oil and gas sector. Exposure can result in crippling or even deadly illnesses and other medical conditions when these compounds are not appropriately handled, transported, stored, or provided to personnel.

Heli crashes: In order to get people to and from offshore rigs and vessels, helicopters are regularly employed. Due to factors including pilot mistake, poor maintenance, manufacturing flaws, bad weather, and rough seas, crashes pose a genuine risk.

Barge and tugboat injuries: When incidents happen during transit when boarding or disembarking from other vessels, people may get injuries from barges and tugboats due to flames and explosions, electrocutions, or crush injuries.

What are the Common Injuries Caused by Offshore Accidents?

Your injury's type is just as important to the case as how it occurred. Your life will be impacted regardless of whether you were hurt as a result of crew error, equipment failure, or corporate indifference. Examples of offshore platform workplace accidents include: (houston offshore accident lawyer-(2023))

Broken bones

Neck and back injuries


Head injuries

Traumatic brain injury


Electrocution injuries

Internal organ injuries

Crush injuries

Exposure to infectious or toxic chemicals and substances Over 4,000 injuries are recorded each year in the oil field, according to OSHA and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and these are just the reported injuries. On an oil rig, accidents and injuries can happen at any time. After putting your life in danger for your company, don't allow carelessness happen to you; contact a Houston offshore accident attorney and fight for the compensation you are due.

How to Exercise Your Legal Rights Following an Offshore Accident?

These actions can assist safeguard your legal rights and choices for seeking financial compensation for your injuries following an offshore disaster.

a.  Report the collision and any injuries: Inform your employer or the owner-operator of the platform, rig, or vessel where your accident happened when you are hurt. Supervisors or other staff members are responsible for conducting an investigation and compiling an accident report. Take a look at a copy of this report.

b.  Ask your employer and the owner-operator of the offshore location for their contact and insurance details: This will make it easier for you to get in touch with your Houston offshore accident lawyer to conduct an investigation and pursue your injury claim.

c.  Note any remarks or contact information from accident witnesses: For an offshore accident claim, eyewitnesses might offer crucial evidence. Determine whether you need eyewitness statements and get them as soon as you can if witnesses to your accident don't immediately provide you a written account of what they saw. Recall might fade with time.

d.  Make an appointment for a medical checkup: Even if you don't think you were gravely hurt, let a doctor examine you physically. It might take days or even weeks before you experience any pain or other injury-related symptoms. A medical professional might be able to identify your injuries and definitively link your offshore accident to them. But be careful not to depend on any diagnosis from a physician who has been recommended to you by your employer or their insurance provider. These doctors frequently act in your employer's or their insurance provider's best interests rather than your own. These doctors frequently act in your employer's or their insurance provider's best interests rather than your own. To ensure that you receive an objective evaluation of your injuries, it is frequently advisable to visit a doctor who is not connected to your work or their insurance provider.

e.  Talk to a Houston offshore accident lawyer or Law Firm: A lawyer can help you to understand your legal rights and options following your accident. He can guide you through the process of seeking financial compensation for your injuries and damages.

What would be Compensation for Your Offshore Accident Injuries? (houston offshore accident lawyer-(2023))

Under the Jones Act or the Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, your employer may be required to provide compensation payments to you if you were hurt in an offshore accident. These rewards will vary depending on your job situation and the site of the accident.

Federal laws governing workers' compensation guarantee that employees in the marine sector are compensated for losses, including:

the price of your offshore accident-related medical treatment for sickness and injuries at work

lost earnings for the period you were out from work when you were unwell or injured

living expenses while recovering

loss of potential for future income

Pain, both physical and mental, and deformity

If you are unable to do your previous job due to a disability but are still able to perform other types of work, you may qualify for vocational rehabilitation.

You could also be qualified to make a personal injury claim against a person or organization whose carelessness, recklessness, or other legal fault contributed to your injuries, depending on the specifics of your accident. In a personal injury case, you could be able to get paid for:

Past, ongoing, and future medical expenses

Lost wages

Lost earning potential

Pain and suffering

Physical impairment


Lost enjoyment or quality of life

Loss of consortium, which compensates your spouse for the loss of your spousal companionship and society due to your injuries

How long do you have in Texas after an offshore accident to file a claim?

You typically have three years from the date of your injury to bring your claims if you sue your employer under the Jones Act for injuries you sustained in an offshore accident.

Only if your employer is accountable for your offshore accident and injuries are you eligible to file a Jones Act claim. However, other factors, such as faulty gear, equipment, or materials on an offshore site or rig, can also contribute to offshore mishaps. In some circumstances, Texas law may allow you to file a product liability claim. You have two years from the date of your injury or the date you found your damage (or should have reasonably discovered your injury) from a defective or dangerous product under Texas's statute of limitations legislation for product liability cases. Similar to this, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a personal injury claim in Texas if a third party's carelessness led to your offshore accident and injuries.

The court will probably permanently dismiss your case if you fail to file it before the required date has passed. That implies that you will forfeit your chance to sue the parties accountable for your injuries for financial damages.

How an Offshore Accident Attorney in Houston Can Aid You?

It may be quite difficult to pursue a claim for compensation for injuries sustained in an offshore disaster. Finding out who is legally responsible for your injuries or how to file a claim for financial compensation from those parties may be challenging for you.

The Houston offshore accident lawyers work to simplify the claims procedure for you and assist you in obtaining the necessary compensation by:

·     investigating your accident in detail

·     working with engineers and professionals in accident reconstruction

·     identifying responsible parties and compensating sources

·     submitting compensation claims on your behalf

·     preparing your case claim to be submitted in court


Acts Related to Houston Maritime Attorneys/lawyers:

A: The Jones Act/ Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act:

The Jones Act, also known as the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, provides financial assistance to wounded sailors and longshoremen in the form of pay replacement and medical bills. If the employee can demonstrate that the accident or injury was the result of the employer's carelessness, further compensation, such as pain and suffering damages, may be awarded.

B: Seaworthiness Doctrine:

All ships operating inside the United States are required by federal law to be seaworthy and safe for the intended use. Injury sustained aboard an unseaworthy vessel is completely the responsibility of the vessel owner. According to strict responsibility, the wounded worker needs only demonstrate that the accident happened on a hazardous vessel; they do not need to demonstrate that the boat's owner was careless.

C: The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act:

Injuries sustained while working on docks, piers, and other facilities on U.S. navigable waterways may still be reimbursed by the LHWCA for dockworkers who are not covered as sailors under the Jones Act. The LHWCA may be essential to paying for medical expenses and salary loss for these individuals because they might not be qualified for benefits under Texas workers' compensation. The maritime lawyer in Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What are my legal rights if I am injured or hurt offshore?

If you are hurt abroad, you are first and foremost entitled to medical benefits. Additionally, you are entitled to talk with a lawyer. You also have the right to remain silent when necessary. Your employer could start looking into your accident, but be aware that they might not always find facts that would paint you in a favourable light. In other words, if you do decide to speak out, be cautious what you say.

How much does a marine accident attorney charge?

Usually, for the majority of the firms/Lawyers, If your lawsuit is successful, you are responsible for paying a percentage of the settlement. If you lose, you incur no costs whatsoever, including attorney fees.

Will my lawsuit cause me to be put on a list i.e “Blacklist”?

You won't be put on a list after filing a lawsuit. The "blacklist" is a hoax; it doesn't actually exist. It's also immoral for a business to reject your application for employment because you made a claim.

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