Digital marketing is creating, Communicating, delivery, exchanging and offering.


Evolution of digital marketing.

  1. Trade Era
  2. production Era
  3. Sales Era
  4. Marketing Era
  5. Marketing Company Era
  6. Relationship Era
  7. Social media Era .

Trade Era.

trade era start at caveman when there is no currency been used . They exchange their things according to their needs . For example : if I have 5 mangoes and I want to eat apples so I exchange my mangoes with that person which have apples . It is called barter system.

production Era.

production era is starts after trade era . When people start realizing. If they want to trade they have a product that change with another product. In this era people start making product that helps in regular life .

Sales Era.

If you want to trade and you also have product then you have sale the product and in this era most product are make for example chair, table e.t.c and at that era modern way of buying things is used like paper currency or modern currency.

Marketing Era.

After ala that you have product and you want to sell them . Then people need to known about your product. and it is done by marketing and at that marketing is done by newspaper, radio, tv e.t.c and this kind of marketing is called traditional marketing.

Marketing Company Era .

It's was that time when people know about Company a marketing Company where people sell product in a team and Marketing Company pay people to market their products through traditional marketing. It's was that time when people done known about social marketing or in simple way we call it digital marketing.