There was a google core algorithms update as many of you know that started rolling out December 3rd and we waited several days to sent out a survey.To let thing settle a little bit in the deepSee what things are actually happening on the traffic.

now I have to say that very different than you know many of the large seo blogs and stuff it's because our entire survey is for independent bloggers and publishers. We don't do e- commerce site , local medical practice sites and stuff like that it is just about independent bloggers and publishers.

if you said you was affected by 50.21 said your site went Up and 49.78 and went down at and so not satistically significant, basically it was 50 50 of you guys How many of your sites went up and went down from this update which really encouraging early number to me . Because we don't want to see traffic going away from us . See what exactly happened there's a story to take a little bit of a turn for us .

Let's look at small website, medium websites, and large website. On a small sites again site gain about 50 50 not satistically significant. if you're if you experienced to change what percent said when they went up versus down . Now look at the medium sites these are between three and forty five thousand pages views a months. twenty three percent went up and thirty one percent went down .

If you experienced. it was a significant up in terms of page views and now large websites now this isn't these are sites all over 45 thousand page views per month so if you said your traffic went up . You're traffic change 20.83 up on average that's alot but unfortunately . If you went down 36.35 is the amount that your site went down . That's a big change . If you own a large website that is not what we want to see and the story has gotten a lot thicker now but at first we said yeah 50 up and 50 down in general blogger We didn't lose traffic but now given the fact that these sites are large and the consequently have more traffic than small ones . Overall we as a independent bloggers and publishers . We lost traffic on this update that's not good and we've got to investigate on why we getting there I would not neglect that question. So some went up and some went down but over all you average them out negative 17.2 percent thats a significant change that maybe a one and a half thousand dollar lost on average.