The first way to make money with Facebook ads is by providing a service to small local businesses. this is basically just handling the Social media marketing for small businesses owners on your local city or outside of your country. You go to bussiness owner you offer them the opportunity generate more sales and more revenue by creating targeted Facebook ads for their bussiness. Now keep in mind that most bussiness owner are not woried about learning how to use Facebook ads they really don't care.

They just care about running their bussiness and having a successful bussiness and bringing in more customers. So if you are able to offer your services of let's say 1000 dollar per month and they give you a budget of 500-750 dollars per month to work on facebook ads If you know what you're doing depending on the value of that customer that could mean extra three ,four ,five thousand dollars revenue for that bussiness owner.

So it makes sense that they want to keep you around for another month. The best way to find this type of local businesses owners who are willing to spend money on advertisement especially on facebook ads. It's use website like Groupon . Groupon has alot of deals local city deals from different types of bussiness owners fro dentiy, chiropractor and many other . Small business who are willing to provide discount in order to attract new customers and because they are already spending money online on advertising.

They areuch easier to actually attract and trying to sell your social media package which could be 1000 dollar per month so if you're able to get just three client in a single month that would mean 3000 dollar per month and that would be 100 dollar per day so this is for people who are willing to work with local businesses owners.

Who are not afraid of actually talking to people and just going out there and providing that service and building your own social media marketing agency so if you don't wanna do that. The second way to make money from facebook ads is affiliate marketing .

This is perhaps my favorite way because I used to do the whole social media marketing thing and dealing with customer can be a hassle but with a funny marketing. You're not dealing with pretty much anyone but thing is affiliate marketing is not really welcome on facebook.

You have to know how to do it properly so most people what they do they set-up landing page which they use as a bridge to their own affiliate marketing product. So whatever it is that you're selling the key aspects of making money with Facebook ads. It is Knowing how to use Facebook ads properly you have to know exactly how to manage your Facebook campaigns because every dollar you spend on advertising whether that's a dollar per click to you gotta get at least a dollar twenty five back and if you don't know how to use Facebook ads then you might lose money and a lot of people just jumping to e commerce. They do shopify thing they set-up shopify store and start advertising to see which product actually selling and it's a very complicated process. If you've never done it . Before so what I like to tell people is if you want to know whether you can make money with Facebook and affiliate marketing is to just go and pick a product from and start building your landing page you can use something like tracking the traffic that you receive to your landing page at the same time. You can gather the leads and you can follow up via email to those leads to turn to start promoting that affiliate product.